World Riichi Map


This map is an exhaustive list of all the riichi clubs around the world, including people who want to start a club or play games. Anything listed in Japan is foreigner/gaijin friendly. It also lists all establishments that have an automatic table for use and for rent. Note that all clubs listed here do not primarily engage in gambling.

Map link:

Isn’t there already a mahjong club map?

Created by Łukasz Grzybowski (if you are reading this, thank you for doing half the work for me), the original map listed all the Riichi and MCR clubs that exist around the world. However, it has not been updated in a while and there isn’t an easy way to reach the owner to edit it. You can view the original map here:

Okay, then what’s different about this map?

This map lists only riichi mahjong related locations, as well as each club’s social media. This includes people who are looking for people to play with and where you can play with automatic tables.

What do the different markers mean?

There are four different types of markers on the map:

Green: Clubs that play with automatic tables during club meetings, in part or in whole. The listing of whether the club or the establishment owns the table can be found in the description.

Blue: Clubs that don’t use automatic tables.

Yellow: Establishments that own an automatic table for use.

Question mark: People who are looking to start a club or just some pickup games.

Why do you put the exact location of the meetups?

Some clubs, despite their name, may be located far from the downtown core. For example, Chicago Area Mahjong is actually located in Schaumburg an hour’s drive away from downtown Chicago.

Even if the club is in the same city, the city may be large enough that it’s far from where they live. For example, some areas of Toronto are a 40 minute drive from where the Toronto Riichi Club meets.

By putting the exact location, people can know if regularly going to the club is a viable option.

What’s with the images with the club?

By default, the image for the location/business is shown by Google Maps. If the club leader wishes to change the picture to something more club related, they can fill in the form below.

There’s a mistake/something missing! Where do I report it?

If your club is missing, there’s a mistake, would like to add your club to the list, report an automatic table or let it be known that you exist to start a club, please fill out the form: You can also message me on Discord (Jellicode#9858) or contact me through the Contact form.