Gone in a Flash: Saying Goodbye to Our Favourite Mahjong Flash Games

With December 31, 2020 being the end of life date for Adobe Flash and all Flash content being blocked on January 12, 2021, let’s take a look at the how mahjong flash software and games have changed us and guided us along our mahjong journey.

“That Flash Game”

The place where many mahjong veterans started, the place of nostalgia for many, is “That Flash Game”. Whenever someone wants to learn how to play, when they need an easy CPU game where they can take their time, we point them to “That Flash Game”.

With a list of yaku below, you learned bit by bit the list of yaku. You read about a yaku, you tried to apply it and you learn whether or not it was easy to get. You got a good idea about how the game progressed, learned about round and seat winds, and learned that the dora was the tile after, not the actual tile in the middle.

This game, hosted on gamedesign.jp, was the first place where I learned mahjong. Even with the dreaded “No multiplier” pop-up, I stuck through and learned how to play riichi.

The Japanese language version of the game has been converted to HTML5, but the English language one has yet to be.

If you want to play the English version, you can download the .swf file and play it using the Adobe SWF File Player. As long as the file (the Gamedesign .swf file) that you give the File Player is safe, then it shouldn’t be a security risk.

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Baseball Riichi

This idea was come up and written down without any play testing. If you have a chance to try it out, please post your comments below!

Baseball and riichi mahjong are two very popular sports (yes, mahjong is a sport) in Japan. In an attempt combine the two, I combined the gameplay of riichi with the scoring of baseball.

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