About Me

This page is all about me!


Q. Who are you?

A. I’m Jellicode, and that’s the only information about me you’re going to get (unless you do some extreme digging, but who really wants to do that?).

Q. How long have you been playing mahjong?

A. I started playing mahjong early 2016, starting out with Chinese Classical. I eventually learned Riichi later that year and got my first Tenhou ID in early 2017. I’ve tried Filipino, HKOS and Washizu from a few sites on the web.

Q. What are your mahjong related goals?

A. Get to 6th dan on Tenhou and make my mark in the riichi community through my contributions.

Q. Favourite mahjong variant? Tile? Yaku?

A. Favourite variant: Riichi. Less chance, heavy strategy (defence is one of the most important things).

Favourite tile: Green Dragon. Mainly because my friends and I have so many memes and “superstitions” about the green dragon (first to discard it, first to get it (fortune) back). I know, it’s weird

Favourite Yaku: Chankan. Though rare, it’s so satisfying to surprise your opponents.

Q. Can you speak/read/write Japanese?

A. Not much. I can read hiragana and katakana (understanding it is a different matter). I probably know around 100 kanji and I have never tried to write. I can probably write the numbers, but that’s about it. At this point, I’m trying to be able to say scores in Japanese.

Q. What’s your thought on American Mahjong? Mahjong Solitaire?

A. No comment.

Online Mahjong IDs


TravelID (My main): Highest Rank: 四段 R1894

1Shan10 (Intended for Sanma): Highest Rank: 六段 R1987


ykmaster (Infrequently used, Chinese version)

Jellicode (English version)

Mahjong Time

Ykmaster (used for HKOS, MCR, occasional Riichi when I’m on a bad streak on Tenhou)


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